Sep 16

Really nice infographic job from Sutherland to describe in simple terms what is Procure to Pay (P2P),  P2P value, key Performance metrics, key challenges and “What if” if not optimised. For you just below and if any interest you can know more from the Sutherland editorial team here.   Tags: Procure to Pay

Sep 15

Managing Procurement Performance is of course a critical process in any best in class organisation. Dashboard is a very interesting component of this process as its a graphical and easy to read document where key indicators are tracked. Browsing the web, I found this public document from NHS “nhs_procurement_dashboard_overview” which described nicely the purpose and the […]

Sep 12

According to Roland Berger, 3 main and basic challenges are and remain high in CPO agenda in 2014: Generate and measure Savings Safeguard quality Ensure delivery availability You can find full content and details about top challenges and priorities of CPOs per Industry here:  Roland_Berger_The_CPO_Agenda_20140130   No tags for this post.

Sep 11

In January 2014, Infosys was predicting 6 mega-trends in Procurement, illustrated in below infography. According to this global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions, it’s all about User Experience, Mobile applications, data Analysis and Sustainability. Any example or different opinion? No tags for this post.

Sep 10

if eSourcing benefits are straightforward, adoption is a different story. ScanMarket (a cloud eSourcing & Spend Analysis service provider) explored ways to address in the white paper “The crisis in eSourcing : How to fix it” Good to read, you’ll go through the following structure: 1. What eSourcing is 2. Why it matters 3. Where […]

Sep 09

A simple but nice benefit tree to summarize the beauty of Strategic Sourcing that I found on the US navy public pages.     No tags for this post.

Sep 08

In  July 2014, ATK issued a white paper on Procurement, “Procurement : How to stand out of the crowd”. You’ll find in this paper a nice representation (see below figure 2) of 64 techniques you can use to optimise your Purchasing Strategy and Performance. The article is here: A.T. Kearney – Procurement: Stand out of the […]

Nov 28

A member of my network is looking for the support of a 8 to 10 years’ experience Purchasing Professional within the Construction field ideally in the Energy sector with a proven track record in sourcing, negotiating and managing large/complex construction or infrastructure projects and related contracts both in turn-key approach and single work package assignment. This would be a 6 […]

Nov 15

Thinking about the future is exciting. Exciting for creatives. Exciting for entrepreneurs. Exciting for Procurement! The field of possibles is wide-open and transformation is happening fast.  I’ve gathered in this post a couple of documents or white papers I walked through, which may help you to make up your own mind, guide and inspire you in the coming years. […]

Nov 14

Scanmarket is a small eSourcing software company, where I have some friends but no shares and interest, providing easy to use spend analysis, RFX and contract mgmt automation tools.  They are inviting any organisation to their 2013 eSourcing survey here: by November 29 2013. No more than 12 questions and 5 minutes to find out where your eSourcing initiative stands compared with others. […]

Nov 08

One of your Business-Unit needs a new service and they are considering delivering it partially because there are some capabilities they don’t have, so they need your help but when you look at it you simply wonder if they should even make it… sounds familiar?  make or buy, what shall you do, how to decide with […]

Nov 07

When having to shape a ‘to-be-best-in-class’ Procurement organisation, right sizing the organisation is one of the first matter that comes to the table and that needs an answer. Let me share my experience and personal tips on this. As usual, I’ll keep the post short for fast reading. I look forward to answering any missing point. To make it […]

Nov 06

I’m very curious of what you consider today as your major headach in your day to day work. You’ll find below a poll with a personnal selection of typical challenges I’ve seen on the ground. Feel free to provide up to 2 answers or to make a comment if I missed anything. Looking forward to  identifying a clear […]

Oct 31

When I started to work, in 1990, about 20+ years ago, no one had a PC on his/her desk nor a mobile phone in his/her pocket. I’m feeling like a young Dinosaure suddenly. Since then, wow, what a change! I’m sure you’ll all agree. HOWEVER,  I’m not sure you are really conscious of how the Digital Marketplace […]