Nov 28

A member of my network is looking for the support of a 8 to 10 years’ experience Purchasing Professional within the Construction field ideally in the Energy sector with a proven track record in sourcing, negotiating and managing large/complex construction or infrastructure projects and related contracts both in turn-key approach and single work package assignment. This would be a 6 […]

Nov 15

Thinking about the future is exciting. Exciting for creatives. Exciting for entrepreneurs. Exciting for Procurement! The field of possibles is wide-open and transformation is happening fast.  I’ve gathered in this post a couple of documents or white papers I walked through, which may help you to make up your own mind, guide and inspire you in the coming years. […]

Nov 14

Scanmarket is a small eSourcing software company, where I have some friends but no shares and interest, providing easy to use spend analysis, RFX and contract mgmt automation tools.  They are inviting any organisation to their 2013 eSourcing survey here: by November 29 2013. No more than 12 questions and 5 minutes to find out where your eSourcing initiative stands compared with others. […]

Nov 08

One of your Business-Unit needs a new service and they are considering delivering it partially because there are some capabilities they don’t have, so they need your help but when you look at it you simply wonder if they should even make it… sounds familiar?  make or buy, what shall you do, how to decide with […]

Nov 07

When having to shape a ‘to-be-best-in-class’ Procurement organisation, right sizing the organisation is one of the first matter that comes to the table and that needs an answer. Let me share my experience and personal tips on this. As usual, I’ll keep the post short for fast reading. I look forward to answering any missing point. To make it […]

Nov 06

I’m very curious of what you consider today as your major headach in your day to day work. You’ll find below a poll with a personnal selection of typical challenges I’ve seen on the ground. Feel free to provide up to 2 answers or to make a comment if I missed anything. Looking forward to  identifying a clear […]

Oct 31

When I started to work, in 1990, about 20+ years ago, no one had a PC on his/her desk nor a mobile phone in his/her pocket. I’m feeling like a young Dinosaure suddenly. Since then, wow, what a change! I’m sure you’ll all agree. HOWEVER,  I’m not sure you are really conscious of how the Digital Marketplace […]

Oct 31

Having a formal Vendor Management program in place is a good evidence of Procurement maturity as it requires a robust list of pre-requisits to make any sense: Strategic and Preferred Suppliers must have been identified Contract with Strategic and Preferred suppliers should embed the standard principles of such a Vendor Management program (regular Vendor Master data updates, status […]

Oct 30

The holistic view of Managing and improving your spend baseline  is rather simplistic but worth getting structured. You shall consider a) 3 major levers: Supplier , Demand and Cost management - and b) 2 dimensions -Speed (term to implement) and Organisational impacts. From there, you’ll land on the table below which lists 55 different ways to get your TCO down. […]

Oct 29

Sourcing and demand management are best levers for spend baseline reduction, but on the long run Vendor Management is critical for 1-3% savings year on year. First of all let me clarify Vendor/Supplier Management and remind you what it’s not : A “Stand alone” process Static/disjointed-Specific scorecards Supplier performance reviews (unidirectional instead of 360) and what Supplier Management is: […]

Oct 24

Non-Core Purchasing (i.e. Purchasing non directly related to the end-product and not manageable through a full automated MRP system) has from the very start be appreciated as a low-value contributor in a company strategy, but year after year this vision evolved under increasing cost pressure and by now Best in Class (BIC) companies are positioning Procurement as a […]

Oct 18

In the course of my 15 years of Consulting, based on my personal experience as well as leveraging market analysts reports, I came to the point of using systematically a set of 14 KPIs to evaluate the maturity of a Sourcing and Procurement function. You’ll find this crispy and valuable view in the table below, which […]

Oct 17

You’ll find below a couple of links with regards to this massive $375m acquisition in the Procurement Outsourcing arena: October 3rd 2013: Accenture procures procurement’s prize property: Procurian - Enterpise irregular October 3rd 2013 : Accenture Agrees to Acquire ICG Group Procurement Unit for $375 Million - wall street Journal October 9th 2013 : Supply Chain News: […]

Sep 10

In 2012, Proxima released an interesting Survey about indirect Procurement. Although it may sound obvious, the report is providing brilliant baselining view on 2 dimensions: Indirect Spend category that are difficult to get under control:  Temporary Labor and Marketing Top Challenges in getting Indirect spend under control: Lack of priority, not enough resources, too many […]